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For the inaugural fundraising event for the Fraser Riverkeepers, a big splash was required! The Waterkeeper Gala offered its 300+ guests a sustainably sourced dinner, live musical performances, guest speakers, event aligned décor, custom print collateral and digital integrations, and unique fundraising opportunities. The main goal of the event was to generate awareness for the protection of British Columbia’s key waterways and raise financial contributions for the non-profit organization.

Parléview brought several creative and engaging concepts to life. Parléview created and publicized a nationwide art submission contest. Submissions were sourced from professional artists that would tell the story of their first experience or impression of a Canadian waterway (named a ‘Watermark’).  A secondary program drew on community involvement and engaged local middle and post secondary schools to have their students submit drawings of their ‘Watermark’. The entries received were then featured on a digital gallery reel during the event and pushed through to Fraser Riverkeepers social media channels. 


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